Our Story

The idea of Honey & Human was born many, many moons ago, but the brand it's self is only just being brought into fruition. Honey & Human is responding to the many women who pledge daily that they want to help other women. 


"There are many platforms and communities that allow women to help others get ahead in business, but there are not many that help women in need. That's where we come in."


   A portrait of my mother 


A portrait of my mother 

Me, Feb 2017

Me, Feb 2017

"I love Diego" - Honey & Human port

"I love Diego" - Honey & Human port

What is the philosophy behind Honey & Human?



Honey & Human is an attempt at inspiring of women of all ages to tap into their creative selves and lead happier lives. Honey believes that we are our most creative when we reflect, learn and open our minds.

Honey is here to remind women that life is about more than what they look like, where they work or how great their social profiles are. Women are powerfully intuitive, strong and determined humans, yet many of us are getting lost in societal expectations and the toxic addiction of social media. It's possible that almost all of us feel as though something is missing from our lives and Honey & Human thinks that this could be inspiration and a creative outlet. 

Honey & Human members are deep thinking creative women who are seeking other like minded women to help them re-align or affirm their life path. 

Rosa-Clare Willis

Who's behind Honey & Human


Hello! My name is Rosa-Clare. I am the youngest of four daughters and was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

I spend my time painting portraits, socialising and working as the Marketing Manager for a tech start up. Honey & Human started as an art project, and soon developed into something bigger than what I could have imagined. This project was created because I have always felt like it is my responsibility to inspire and encourage others to seek meaningful and happy lives (especially women).

My family has a history of mentally ill women, and for as long as I can remember mental health has been apart of my world. I grew up in a home where my mother suffered quite severely from depression and other personality disorders. 

Luckily for me and my sisters, mental illness didn't tear our family or ambitions apart. It only made us more determined to succeed, unite and chase a happy future, since this is what we felt we truly deserved. Even though I am still learning, I have found over the years that dedicating time to introspection and channeling your feelings into a creative outlet can really help you deal with pressing challenges more effectively.

Every woman has a story, a background or a history worth sharing. My story is one of millions, but I feel responsible to share with you, everything that I, my sisters and other creative women have learnt about the pursuit of happiness so far.

The reality is, we can't experience everything and some things aren't worth experiencing. So, lets learn from each others mistakes, successes and hardships to help us all pursue, and lead a happy, meaningful life. 

I haven't quite worked out the recipe for success, but I can tell you what the ingredients are: 

  • Reflection - keeping on top of your emotions, good and bad
  • Creative outlet - mines portraiture
  • Mindfulness - I use numerology 
  • Sisterhood - friends, sisters and other inspiring women.

Let's work it out together. 

Love Rosa-Clare x